• Amman, Jordan - Jan 2015

    Amman, Jordan - Jan 2015

  • Kampala, Uganda - Sept 2014

    Kampala, Uganda - Sept 2014

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We help our clients to understand how to get things done in some of the world’s more challenging geographies.

We work with two main types of client.

Firstly, we work with international companies and governmental organisations to help them understand the political, societal, ethical and other challenges they face in emerging economies. We help these clients to develop strategic and operational approaches to enable them to get things done despite the challenges.

Secondly, we work on behalf of developing countries to help them understand how their political and social issues affect investors, both local and international. We can then help these countries to craft the policy and institutional responses that can help them to provide a more durable basis for investors.

In both instances, we draw on our considerable experience in different disciplines and different geographies. Current and previous clients include the World Bank, the UN, the EU, Northrop Grumman, Anglo American and the British Government and our consultants have worked in countries as varied as Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, China, Jordan and Iraq.

Rural Ethiopia

Rural Ethiopia

Farmers, Mtwara, S-Tanzania

Farmers, Mtwara, S-Tanzania

Hanoi Vietnam - April 2014

Hanoi Vietnam – April 2014